Complete site $300

You are either thinking that $300 is a lot of money for a website OR you are thinking that there is a catch or some small print or asterisks somewhere.

If you have the first train of thought then you have not yet done your homework. We will try to enlighten you but invite you to go spend some time surfing around and see for yourself. And if you are still looking for the fine print you can stop now.

Synectx has been in this business for a long time and have compiled years worth of knowledge and trial and error to come up with what we like to call a "core" website. To illustraite think about cars. All cars are built starting with a chassis. Attached are wheels, an engine and transmission. Alone, those are not enough to make a car run. There's thousands of additional small parts needed to supply fuel, air, electric and everything inbetween. Eveyrthing needed to make a car function is the core.

Now items like body panels, paint, windows, stereos, wipers, etc. make cars complete, but are not essential to making the car start or run. Now at the core, all cars are pretty much the same. It's the body panels, glass, paint, etc. that make each car different.

Our core is similar in that we took all the common elements that all small business websites have and pre-built it. That is, built a website chassis complete with ecommerce, shipping and content mamangement systems. We have also included the framework for the most common pages and all of the thousands of additional small peices needed to make it function.

This enables us to save days or weeks creating the core and allows us to jump right into what is really important to you, the business owner and that is what the site looks like and what it contains. We don't charge you for work we have already completed and perfected while building the chassis. Instead we charge you a flat rate for customing the paint, and carpet and seat covers. Help you decide of your sound system and teach you how to use your A/C and cruise control. You get on the road faster and smoother and save a ton of money in the process.

Below are some frequently asked questions and also a comparison between our sites and our competitions. If you still have qustion we are always happy to help. Just give us a call or shoot us an email using our contact form.


These are the pages that are included as the base of all of our small business sites:

  • home page with best selling product and a featured product displayed (either can be ommitted)
  • product category/subcategory pages and advanced product search
  • paginated product results page (linked to from category and search pages); choose to display products in list or grid format
  • professional product detail page with add to cart buttons
  • placeholder pages that can be fully modified (about page, contact page with a Google map and directions for your store location, and more)
  • shopping cart and checkout pages
  • automatic emails: order receipt, registration confirmation, email verification
  • registration pages, fully validated with security options (full or simple)
  • login page with "remember me" and auto login options, plus password retrieval
  • user profile page, user order pages and download page for digital goods
  • full-featured administrative backend (see below for more info)

Sell physical or digital goods

Create unlimited number of categories and sub-categories and list an unlimited amount of products whether physical or digital or both.

Includes full support for selling any type of downloadable file, such as software, music or movies. After your customer purchases a digital good, they get access to their Download Center, which lists all the products they have access to download. You can even specify a maximum number of downloads if you want to permit only a certain number of downloads per purchase.

Sell physical or digital goods with any of the supported currencies:

  • US Dollar ($)
  • Australian Dollar ($)
  • Canadian Dollar ($)
  • Euro (€)
  • Great Britain Pound (£)

Control product settings & coupons

Your store offers great flexibility for managing your products. Add your own product categories and subcategories. Products can be added to multiple categories. Optionally include a text field option for your customers to enter a custom message; great for engraving or monogramming.

Create product options (such as colors and sizes) and allow for a product's details to vary across its options. For example, say you sell a photo on your site. When your customer selects the photo size they want, you can have the price, description and image change as they pick 4x6, 5x7, 8x10. You can even set conditional options. For example, when your customer selects the 8x10 photo, you can have them select their frame color next, but when they select the 5x7 photo, make only one frame color available. Set inventory per product, per product option or specify unlimited inventory.

Set up coupons to allow customers to enter a coupon code at checkout. Set up sales and coupons for all products, specific products, or specific product categories - and display retail price vs. sale price on product pages. Set up sales in advance by specifying start and stop dates and times.

Choose your payment option

Your store allows you to accept credit and debit cards or to have your customers check out on your payment gateway's site. Payment gateways supported include:

Customize shipping & tax rules

For U.S. stores, you can specify the tax rate for the state in which you do business. Any customers outside of the state your business operates in do not have to pay taxes. You can also charge no sales tax or create your own custom tax rules.

Create your own custom shipping rate table or get real-time domestic or international shipping rate quotes from any of these shipping providers:

  • United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Canada Post
  • Australia Post

You can set your store to secure sandbox/test mode for testing the checkout process.

Manage via pre-built admin / CMS

A complete back-end website is included to manage your store. Set up multiple administrator accounts to give your administrators the ability to manage the store. Once an administrator logs in, the dashboard displays with administrative charts and quick access to store details. Use the search-based charts to display user registration, product sales and processed orders. Fully manage products, users, orders, coupons, inventory, content, SEO, store design and store settings from the admin.

Content management is automatically built-in and the Live Edit mode allows logged in administrators to browse the site and modify any content directly on the page! Insert an image gallery into any CMS content area; optimize your pages' meta tags for SEO (including individual, dynamic product pages!); manage your Google Analytics and Google Map API codes; and more!




QI already have a free webstore on a third party site. Why should I spend $300 for a website of my own?
QMy domain company offers a free website with the purchase of my domain. Can I use that for my business?
QI've been quoted $1000-$3500 plus for a custom ecommerce website. How can your sites be so cheap and don't you get what you pay for?
QOkay, you've convinced me, how soon could I have a website?

QI already have a free webstore on a third party site. Why should I spend $300 for a website of my own?

AThere is 1 pro and many cons when it comes to free third party websites. The pro is that the third party website is usually well established. Meaning people already know about the site and has traffic going to it. The biggest flaw with that is although there is a large amount of built in traffic. That traffic not only sees your products, if you're lucky, but they also all of your competitors products. Think about this, if 10 people go to the third party website, there is a very slim chance they will see your products but an overwhelming chance they will see your competition. If 10 people go to your own website, all 10 of them see your products.

Advertisements. Third party websites actually make 10 times more from targeted advertisers than they do from fees they charge you. This means that on each of your product pages are advertisements targeted at the visitor using hidden cookies. Your own website wont have advertisers unless you choose to have them and therefore profit from them.

You own the site. Although some third party sites give you the ability to customize a banner and colors, you do not have much control over the look and feel of the site. With your own site, you control every aspect of it from giving it your own personal look and feel to having the ability to add/edit/delete content and pages as needed.

No commission fees. With your own website the only fees you may pay are for your payment gateway. You keep more of your profits.

QMy domain company offers a free website with the purchase of my domain. Can I use that for my business?

ACertanly you can but there are drawbacks. Some domain registration companies offer free websites and hosting with the purchase of domains and even offer cool design drag n drop tools to help you build your site. The problem is that usually there are limitations to what you can do with these sites and will charge you handsomely for upgrages and customization. Most will even embed their own advertisments throughout your site in return for the free site and hosting. And none of them can do what your own website can.

QI've been quoted $1000-$3500 plus for a custom ecommerce website. How can your sites be so cheap and don't you get what you pay for?

ATrue, we could easily charge and get $1500+ for our sites. If we billed all of the hours put into the coding alone to create a ecommerce site with payment gateways and add in the content management system it would be well over $4500 and takes many weeks to program. However, we, like most other design/development companys have packaged our core programming files and can quickly create the base website messuared in hours rather than days/weeks. What sets us apart from all other companies is that we do not charge you for what we have already done. Instead we charge you for setting up and customizing the core site to fit your needs. This approach not only gives you way more website than you normally could afford, it also allows us to create sites faster and cleaner, You pass on our good name and we have more time to build more sites.

QOkay, you've convinced me, how soon could I have a website?

ATechnically you could have a completely functional ecommerce website the day we start it. We outline our entire process for you here but for a completely designed ecommerce site filled with your products and ready for the public it generally takes 1 week. This is largely dependent on you the client and your availablity and decision making skills.

Competitor Comparison

Our Site

This is how great our site is.

Their Site

This is how not great they are.


While each client is different and has needs specific to them, our process is pretty much the same for all. We adapt when needed of course but for the most part below is what you can expect from a typical website build.

  • If not already done, the domain name is obtained from the registrar.

  • An account is created on our live dedicated server using the domain name.

  • The domain name is connected to the new account if desired at this time.

  • A database and all 26 tables needed to collect and feed data to the website is created.

  • The core website files are uploaded to the account on the server. All 3347 directories and files to be exact.

  • The database is configured to interact with the website and all files are given needed server permissions. At this point the website is functional.

  • All settings are configured such as email, payment gateways, shipping, tax, interactive maps, administraters, etc.

  • At this point either the temporary link or the actual domain is sent to the client and they can begin to view and work with their new site.

  • Similtaneously the client can begin to add categories and products while we work with the client to design the look and feel of the website and add, edit or delete any pages. We of course can and will add all of the categories and products if the clients prefers.

  • The client has access to the live site and they continuosly give feedback to us until they are satisfied that the site is working and is designed correctly.

  • The site is already live at this point, the client only has to start directing traffic to it. Unless the domain was still pointed at a previous site at which time we will change the information at the domain registrar to point it to the new site.


We built a complete demontration website using the same process we use for all of our clients. Everything you see in the demo is what is included in every one of our small business websites. We invite you to use the demo website as a customer and as a website owner. As a customer you can browse categories and products, add them to your shopping cart and run through the checkout process. As a site owner you can add/edit categories and products. Add users and administraters. View orders and reports. And even add/edit website content and pages.

Please visit our real time small business demo using the info below.
Link to the My Small Business website:
Link to the My Small Business administration website:
username: admin
password: demo1

NOTE: This site is live and so are your edits. Once submitted, your changes take effect immediately. Please use it respectfully. Thank you!

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