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Syn.ec.tics \se-'nek-tiks\: a system of problem-stating and problem-solution based on creative thinking that involves free use of metaphor and analogy in informal interchanges within a carefully selected small group of individuals of diverse personality and areas of specialization.

With over a decade of experience in web design and market research, we deliver to clients an engaging, exciting, and compelling online presence, with the end goal of increased exposure or revenue for your company or interest.

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Building websites worldwide for 16 years.



Web Design

One page or a thousand pages, nothing is too big or too small for us. We will work with you on your design or will come up with one for you. No two clients are alike and we approach every site that way.

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Web Development

Need your site to interact with your users? We will work with you to develop a database driven website for a online store, forum, gallery, et cetera. If you can think of it, it can be done.



We own our dedicated servers and can host any size or type of website. 99.9% of our web design clients are hosted with us. We offer rates and packages that compete or beat the competition but with more to offer and NO advertising!

Small Business - Special Offer

Our Secret

Part of what makes Synectx a successful business is that we remain a small private business that still believes in it's core value that the customers priorities are our priority.

We also believe in the value that small business brings to our local economy and helps to build strong communities, proud neighborhoods and in general, better people.

A broad network of individual and small business will help to not only grow our local economy but the vast amount of creative, useful and inventive products and services available brought out of the shadows and onto the laptops of the world will surely make this a better place.

Our goal at Synectx is to help as many of these great talents showcase and share their wealth of knowledge and creativity. When they prosper, we all win. When we help a small business reach their full potential by connecting them to the rest of the world, we too win. Not in profits, but by power in numbers. And that my friends is the secret to our success.

Our Solution

Being a small business, we know the limited and sometimes non-existant budgets. The lack of hours and the hectic scehdules. We know that most small business starting out or even securly established don't have a lot of spare time, money or patience to create or pursue a website.

Some of you have current online presence on some of the third party sites available for your particular niche and for some that may be enough. For others, the opportunity to have your own domain name with your own custom website could be the difference in being the opening act for everyone elses products or headlining your very own production.

The solution is our small business package. It's anything but small. It's bigger and better than what most web designers can and will offer. Our package is actually a full ecommerce website complete with payment gateways, integrated shipping and even includes a content management system that allows you to edit your sites content using your browser. All this and much more for only $300

How can we do this? Power in numbers! Click here for the details.

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Small Business Deal

written by Jared Lui

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Jared Lui

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