Depending on the project scope and budget, Casey can provide a variety of services including:

Customer Service Surveys for Small and Mid-sized Businesses
Business owners who want to understand what their customers think now have an easy and affordable way of asking, “How are we doing?” Using online survey tools, CB Research Services can provide your business with an ear to the customer to uncover what they might not be telling you. Identify your strongest employees, receive feedback on service and even explore new product concepts with the most important audience: your current customers. Contact Casey for more information on the best solution for your business.
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research includes in-depth interviews with smaller groups of customers. These studies include fewer participants and are not statistically representative, but dive deeper into drivers and motivations of customers. The traditional in-person focus group with the two-way mirror still has its place, but many brands and companies are moving to online qualitative studies. Today’s online studies can include photos, videos and diary exercises to create the experience of an ethnographic study. Saving on travel expenses and allowing customers to spend more time with an idea, online qualitative research can be very enlightening for brand managers.
Secondary Research
When primary research is too expensive or too time consuming, secondary research often serves as a powerful substitute. Understand a market, find previously-published research or use online public databases and tools to uncover the answer. Casey has a knack for uncovering valuable insights using secondary research quickly, efficiently and affordably.
Competitive Intelligence Research
Second to understanding your customer needs is understanding who might be meeting their needs besides your brand or company. A competitive intelligence study allows businesses and brands to explore the marketing activities of the competition then identify their strengths or weaknesses and identify new opportunities.
Social Media Monitoring
Social media “listening” provides a reality check for brand managers and strategists to get a glimpse into the role of a brand in the lives of the consumer. Social media monitoring can also be used for competitive intelligence research or to measure the effects of a social media campaign with data before and after the event. On-going monitoring provides an “ear to the ground” in the event negative conversation about a brand is spreading through social media. Contact Casey to find out how to harness the power of social media research.
Services for Researchers
Are you a research professional traveling week to week, project to project without time to adjust to time zones? Do you have multiple studies running both online and in person? When is that report due again? CB Research Services began as a service to support researchers like you. Casey can step in to help moderate or use transcripts or videos to write the report, add illustrative quotes or do whatever you need to meet your deadline. References from other professional moderators who have used Casey’s services are available.

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